12-lead ECG

Hospital-grade ECG diagnostic system for home and professional use. Self-applied & used for remote disease management.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a public health problem affecting 60 millions people worldwide

Patches save an average of 80% of time in placement and take-down

Our solution

The Smartmedics ECG System is a handheld, wireless, 12-lead electrocardiograph. It is intended to record and process an electrocardiographic signal of Patient’s heart. It is designed to be self-applied and used by patients at home to support them in remote disease management. It can be used in hospitals by healthcare professionals and post-procedures or healthcare workers in non-acute care clinical facilities. Product includes a single-use ECG Patch, wireless Pebble recorder and SmartMedics App which allows to control the examination, save it, or share with a physician.

12-lead ECG Patch

The Patch includes 10 prepositioned printed electrodes (12-lead). No medical knowledge is required for proper application. Flexible and medical compliant materials do not restrict moves and a gentle adhesive keeps the Patch stick to the body. SmartMedicsECG Patch comes in Female/ Male version in 4 sizes.

ECG Pebble Recorder

Compact wireless wearable pebble that connects to the 12-lead ECG Patch and records a hospital-grade ECG signal. Up to 24 hrs of recording and full defibrillation-proof. Recorded data is transmitted to the SmartMedicsECG App via Bluetooth.

SmartmedicsECG App

All results are real-time previewed in mobile App. Signal may be recorded manually or scheduled by timer and interval option. SmartMedicsECG App allows for screen sharing with connected physician or to export the result for further medical consultation.

Key benefits from Smartmedics solutions

Remote disease management

Better effectiveness of diagnostic and treatment

Easy self-application and safety of use

Real-time monitoring anytime and anywhere

Reliable results

Home use

At any time. Anywhere. By anyone. SmartMedicsECG is designed to be fully self-applied and wireless. Patients do not need to visit medical facilities for the ECG examination. It spares time and decreases a risk of falling ill with an infectious disease (e.g. Covid-19). SmartMedicsECG is dedicated specially for patients with arrhythmia, ischemia, with high risk PCI and post-procedure.

Professional use

SmartMedicsECG may be used in hospital as it is equipped with defibrillation protection. It is far easier to use during the procedures than conventional wire ECG. Our solution has a great potential to be used in cardiotoxicity and post-procedure monitoring. Consistent lead placement to determine actual clinical changes and not changes in electrodes position.

Areas of use

Chronic/Acute coronary syndrome

Post covid myocarditis

High risk PCI

Heart failure





About Us

Smartmedics is a startup founded in 2017 by Lukasz Koltowski, MD, PhD; Adrian Maciejewski, MD, and Grzegorz Wroblewski, PhD, to develop an innovative ECG system. The combination of engineering and medical knowledge resulted in an invention protected by patent law in many countries along the world. The Smartmedics ECG is already CE certified, and ECG Patch has already been approved for use by FDA (USA). We operate accordingly to ISO 13485 while maintaining all required standards for research and production of the medical devices. Nowadays, we are seeking the approval of FDA for the entire Smartmedics ECG System.

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